Actress Shweta Khadka got married on Monday


Kathmandu,22 Mansir.Actress Shweta Khadka got married on Monday. On her marriage eve on Sunday, she wrote a long Facebook status saying that she has decided to close the sad chapter of her life and start a new happy one.

“Today I have come to another phase of life by embracing the various ups and downs, joys and sorrows; and laughter and tears of life,” she wrote adding “I have decided to close the sad chapter of my life and start the happy one. The decision to embark on a new journey of decorating the future with the sweet moments of the past in the back of my mind was not easy and possible for me alone.”

She tied the knot with Vijayendra Singh Rawat of Dhangadhi. She said that she was able to take this decision with continuous efforts of her family members, friends and elders and the encouragement given by well-wishers.

She, however, also raised questions about social perception about her. “There is a question in my mind: Will this patriarchal society accept my decision? I know that my decision will anger a few people who like to see only tears in my eyes,” she wrote.

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